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To boost fuel economy automotive manufacturers are reducing vehicle weight wherever they can. On lightweight metal surfaces the Thin-Film Pretreatment Technology made possible by BONDERITE M-NT are the sustainable alternative to traditional phosphate conversion coatings. This cohesive, inorganic, high-density coating is significantly thinner (<100 nm) than a traditional zinc phosphate coating and has been developed for all metal surfaces, e.g. steel, zinc and aluminum. The BONDERITE M-NT protective layer contains no heavy metals, reduces the complexity of the process, and leads to superior corrosion resistance with minimal environmental impact. Additionally Henkel is supporting our customers to process a high amount of aluminum in the metal mix. Overall, the BONDERITE M-NT system enables lightweighting constructions while saving you time, lowering costs, reducing energy requirements and cutting down on waste.  

  • Suitable for mixed metals
  • Operates at ambient temperatures
  • Phosphate-free with no toxic heavy metals, BODs or CODs
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Three process steps eliminated, shorter process contact time
  • Less energy required (~30% less)
  • Less water required (~20% less)
  • Less sludge
  • Easy control
  • Reliable quality

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